Generally, an industrial gearbox requires to change lubrication oil after running about 200 hours during the running-in period (the gearbox lubrication oil must be changed after 200 hours running-in period time), after the geared motor leaves the workshop. this is stipulated by the industrial gearbox’s technical characteristics at the initial stage of use. the running-in period ensures the industrial gear motor normal operation’s period, reduce the failure rate, it is an important link to extend its service life.

Industrial gear motor change lubrication oil after running about 200 hours in the running -in peroid.

Industrial gear motor change lubrication oil after running about 200 hours in the running-in period.

Precautions for gear reducer running-in period

1.Select lubricating oil reasonably.

especially for input power>11Kw, geared motors must be filled with middle working-load gear oil. pay attention to frequently check the lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, oil level, and oil quality, and pay attention to check the sealing of the whole gearbox. find excessive oil shortage during the inspection, maintenance personnel should be analyzing the reason, It is recommended to add grease to the lubrication point every week during the running-in period (except for special requirements). maintenance people pay attention to the direction of rotation of the oil pump when the vertical installed gear reducer motor with oil pump is connected to the running AC motor. clockwise rotation is correct.

2.Operating people adjust, tighten and lose parts in time.

while keeping the geared motor clean, to prevent the loose parts from aggravating the wear of the parts or causing the parts lost. to prevent the increased gearbox parts’ wear and tear due to looseness, or cause parts to be lost.

3. At the end of the running-in period, compulsory maintenance.

make inspection and adjustment work, and note to make the replacement of lubrication oil.

In short, the gear reducer’s maintenance requirements can be summarized as below during the running-in period :

  • Strengthening training
  • Reducing working-load
  • Paying attention to the inspection
  • Strengthening lubrication

As long as you pay attention to and implement the maintenance and maintenance of the gear reducer during the running-in period, it will reduce the occurrence of early failures, extend the gearbox service life, improve production efficiency, and make the gear reducer bring you more benefits.

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