Transmission is a key link in the energy conversion of motor products.

Common transmission methods include gear transmission, coupling transmission, and belt transmission. when the shaft coupling is used for transmission, the driven equipment, and the motor have the same speed, that is, the angular velocity of the two is the same;

In the case of gear or belt transmission, there is a speed change relationship between the two.

  • Applicability and characteristic analysis of belt transmission.

Belt transmission is suitable for occasions where the far distance between the motor and the driven equipment’s shaft center.
The transmission process is relatively stable, also not much noise, with certain cushioning and vibration absorption characteristics, Especially in the case of overload, the transmission belt will slip on the belt pulley, which will protect the motor from overload.

However, the belt drive also has its performance limitations, with the following defects:
The transmission belt’s tightness directly affects the transmission ratio, and the transmission precision also not high;
During the moving process, both the motor shaft extension and the equipment shaft extension are subjected to bending moments, which require high mechanical strength of the rotating shaft, otherwise,it will occur serious problems of shaft extension fracture ;

During the operation of the motor and equipment, the transmission belt will age to varying degrees of burn-in and its elastic properties will change. the belt slippage will be more serious if it is not inspected and maintained in time, which will directly affect the stable operation of the motor. especially in the case of multiple transmission belts running at the same time, if one or more v belts slip, it will cause frequent failures during the operation of the equipment.

  • The influence of pulley diameter on motor performance.

From the belt transmission speed performance analysis,
It can achieve the theoretical agreement between the two linear speeds. according to the difference in diameter between the driving wheel installed on the motor shaft extension and the driven wheel installed on the equipment shaft, the angular velocity can be transmitted with constant speed, increase speed, and deceleration:
When the diameter of the driven wheel is greater than the diameter of the driving wheel, it is in the decelerating state, otherwise, it is in the increasing state;
When the diameter of the driving wheel and the driven wheel are the same sizes, it is a typical constant speed drag state.

As far as the size of the driving wheel of the motor is concerned, when the wheel diameter is larger, the motor shaft extension will receive greater torque under the same belt tension.
The required mechanical power can be output stably and reliably if the belt is tight enough.
When the belt is too loose, the product of belt tension and pulley diameter does not match the rated torque of the motor, and slipping will occur.
However, the belt tension cannot be too large, otherwise, the bending moment of the motor output shaft will be too large, and the internal stress of the shaft section will exceed the allowable limit stress, which will cause the shaft to bend and deform or break.

From some actual cases of belt transmission, it is found that during equipment maintenance, only the damaged belt is replaced when replacing the belt, only the new belt is effective, and the other old belts are in a loose state, resulting in severe vibration during dragging and the equipment cannot operate normally.

Therefore, when it comes to belt replacement problems, remember to replace them at the same time to ensure that all transmission belts work normally with equal tension.
From the theoretical analysis, the pulley transmission can set the specific transmission ratio according to the actual operation requirements, but from the actual application effect analysis, the relatively matched transmission ratio, and the transmission belt type and relative distance dimension that have been verified by a large number of applications, the transmission belt life It will be longer and more efficient in transmission.

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