During the use of the gear motor, it is an indispensable thing to add lubricating oil and replace the lubricating oil. Some gear motor manufacturer adds lubricating oil when the gearbox shipping from the factory, but whether it is added or not, it is used after a period of time The lubricant needs to be replaced. Then some users forget to replace lubrication oil, and some users don’t replace lubrication oil. What happens if the user forgets to replace lubrication oil or not?


What if the user forgets to change the lubricant oil of the reducer?
For some industrial gearbox combinations, particularly those gear reducer with high output speeds or high input speeds, the long-term high-speed operation will increase friction and generate more heat inside of speed reducer. At this time, new lubricant oil can reduce friction and prevent more heat generalization. However, the internal lubricant becomes extremely thick and may also contain impurities, if the high-speed operation is performed without changing the lubricant oil for a long time. This situation can have two consequences. One is abnormal noise, and the other bad effect is excessive temperature rise. Because the lubricating oil becomes thick and contains impurities, the wear between the gears is accelerated, and the wear may cause tooth breakage. The more and more impurities, the greater the impact on the gear. So it will cause abnormal noise, which may be uneven.

In addition, the temperature increase is caused by the increase in friction, which is caused by the increase in friction. In this case, where there is only one ventilation hole, and the size of this ventilation hole is not large, the internal temperature cannot be exhausted due to friction, so the temperature will accumulate higher and higher.


As for when it is necessary to change the lubricant oil, the user can observe the internal conditions after 2000 hours of industrial gearbox used. If the internal lubricant oil is very thick and is not conducive to the operation of the gear drive or worm gear, it needs to be replaced. about how to change the lubricating oil, the previous articles have related shares. You can check out previous articles.

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