Terms of Service.  June,15,2021

1. Validity
Use of the web pages (henceforth SDT Transmission web pages”) of Nanjing SDT Technology Co., Ltd. (henceforth “SDT TECH”) and/or its international subsidiaries is permitted only on the basis of these terms and conditions.
The validity of these terms and conditions of use in their relevant form is considered to be accepted upon registration as per Item 2 or, if registration is not explicitly required, upon commencement of usage.

In individual cases, the terms and conditions of usage can be augmented, modified, or replaced by other terms and conditions, i.e. for purchasing or selling products and/or services.

2. Registration
In the interests of security regarding legal issues, some SDT TECH web pages are password-protected and therefore accessible to registered users only. some SDT TECH web pages require authorization and are therefore restricted to users with authorization from SDT TECH expressly excludes users’ claims to registration and/or authorization. SDT TECH reserves the right to revoke access rights by blocking log-in data without providing any explanation, especially if the user submits incorrect information when registering or is no longer authorized to use password-protected and/or authorization-only SDT TECH web pages, contravenes applicable legislation or neglects his/her duty of care when handling log-in data.

The user is obliged to provide complete and accurate information when registering and immediately notify SDT TECH of any subsequent changes to this information. The user registers by providing his/her name and e-mail address and selecting a password. SDT TECH then sends an e-mail containing a confirmation link to the e-mail address supplied by the user during registration. Access to password-protected pages is activated when the user clicks the confirmation link, thereby verifying that he/she is the owner of the e-mail address submitted during registration. The user takes care to ensure that he/she receives the e-mails sent to the provided e-mail address.

3. User’s Rights and Obligations

If both parties have agreed to it, a simple, non-exclusive, and non-transferable license will be issued for information, files, videos, and software SDT TECH provides for downloading; if there is no agreement, downloading corresponds to the objective followed by SDT TECH when preparing and permitting access to its information.

The user has no claim regarding access to source code when being provided with the software. Exception: Source code of open-source software whose licensing terms and conditions mandate access to source code if they take priority over these terms and conditions. In such a case, SDT TECH will provide access to the source code in return for refunded costs.

The user ensures that third parties have no access to information, software, documentation, or use data provided for the registration process. The user is not permitted to sell or rent to third parties information, software, documentation, or user data, or provide these in any other manner. Unless otherwise permitted by mandatory legal regulations, the user may not modify the software or its documentation, undertake reverse engineering or a reverse translation, or take excerpts from it. The user may make a backup copy of the software if such a copy is necessary for future use as a backup on the basis of these terms and conditions of use.

The user assumes liability for all orders and other activities performed via his/her user data. If the user learns that third parties are making improper use of his/her user data, he/she is obliged to immediately notify SDT TECH of this in writing (or provide advance notification via e-mail). After receiving this notification, SDT TECH has the right to block access to the password-protected area linked to this user data.

The user may at any time demand in writing the deletion of his/her registration insofar as deletion does not conflict with the processing of current contractual matters In this situation, SDT TECH will delete all of the user’s user data and all other person-related data stored by SDT TECH.

SDT TECH reserves the right to block access to SDT TECH web pages, especially if the user contravenes his/her obligations as described in these terms and conditions.

The following are prohibited to the user when using SDT TECH web pages:

  • Inflicting damage on a person or infringing their personal rights;
  • infringing commercial protection rights, copyright, or other ownership rights;
  • transmitting contents with viruses or other types of programming which can damage software;
  • acting contra bonos mores;
  • illicitly entering, storing, or sending hyperlinks or contents, in particular, if these hyperlinks and contents contravene confidentiality obligations or are illegal, or sending spam e-mails, advertisements, or incorrect warnings regarding viruses, errors, or similar, or inviting to participate in sweepstakes, lotteries, games of chance, pyramid schemes, chain mails, or similar activities

4. Intellectual Property

The information, software, documentation, texts, images, charts, sound files, video files, animation files, and other files (henceforth: “materials”) on SDT TECH web pages are subject to copyright protection in accordance with statutory provisions. SDT TECH reserves all rights to these materials.

Total or partial reproduction, dissemination, transferal, modification, or use of SDT TECH web pages (in electronic or other forms) for public or commercial purposes is prohibited without advance permission by SDT TECH This also applies to brands and trademarks, nameplates, and company logos which belong to SDT TECH and its subsidiaries.

In addition to the rights expressly granted in these terms and conditions of use, SDT TECH grants the user no other rights of any kind when providing materials and SDT TECH web pages; this applies in particular to copyrights, company names, industrial property rights such as patents, utility patents, designs, and brands. Nor is SDT TECH obliged to concede such rights.

5. References and Links

Some Reference information is only used to share knowledge and introduce products and manufacturers, all content is from the internet, if there is any copyright infringement or you find any objectionable information, please contact us and we will remove it immediately. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM, for short) part numbers or trademarks such as SEW, SUMITOMO, MOTOVARIO, Flender, Rossi, etc. are used for informational purposes only, to indicate product usage and compatibility, and to replace original old parts. Our company is not sponsored, approved, or manufactured by the OEM, and the replacement parts listed above brand.

SDT TECH web pages contain links to other web pages. SDT TECH declares that linked web pages were free of illegal content at the point in time when the link was created. SDT TECH has no influence over the current and future design and contents of the linked and/or referenced web pages. In this respect SDT TECH can subsequently assume no liability for the correctness, completeness, or quality of these web pages’ information or ensure that it is up to date; SDT TECH hereby distances itself from all of the contents of any web page which is modified after a link is created. This declaration applies to all links from SDT TECH web pages to external web pages and their contents.

6. Online Contents and Liability

SDT TECH provides certain information and services on SDT TECH web pages. SDT TECH reserves the right to change, augment or delete parts or all of the SDT TECH web pages without prior notification; SDT TECH also reserves the right to suspend the availability of information either temporarily or completely.

SDT TECH assumes no liability for the continuous availability of SDT TECH web pages or the possible presence of viruses on them. For the safety of the user and of SDT TECH web pages, the user is obliged to undertake the appropriate safety precautions before downloading materials.

If materials are provided free of charge via SDT TECH web pages, no liability is assumed for defects as to quality or title. In particular, when it comes to information, software, and documentation, SDT TECH assumes no liability regarding the correctness, accuracy, freedom from the copyright of third parties, completeness, and/or right of use. This does not apply in the cases of willful misconduct or fraudulent intent.

The materials on SDT TECH web pages can contain specifications or general descriptions of products’ technical capacities which are not necessarily present in some specific cases. Product modification is such a case. The materials provided are non-binding and do not represent offers in legal terms. The products’ desired performance characteristics are therefore to be agreed upon during purchase in specific cases.

SDT TECH assumes no liability unless prescribes compulsory liability, e.g. for willful misconduct, gross negligence, injury to life, the body, or to health, failure to meet guaranteed characteristics, malicious silence with regard to a defect or breach of fundamental contractual obligations. Compensation arising from the breach of fundamental contractual obligations is however limited to claims deemed typical and which can be reasonably foreseen, except in events of willful misconduct or fraudulent intent.

The regulations described in item 6 do not constitute a shift in the burden of proof to the user’s disadvantage.

7. Final Provisions

Supplementary agreements must be in writing. If individual formulations or parts of this text do not, no longer or not entirely comply with the valid legal regulations, the contents and validity of the remaining parts of the document remain unaffected.

The place of jurisdiction is Nanjing city, China, if the user is a commercial agent. Chinese law applies, with the exception of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).