The RV worm gearbox use and replacement of lubricating oil
1. When using or replacing the RV worm gearbox for the first time, replace the lubricating oil after running for 150-400 hours, and the subsequent oil change period ≤ 4000 hours;
2. Check the quantity and quality of the oil regularly, keep enough lubricating oil, and replace the oil mixed with impurities or deteriorated in time;
3. The amount of oil injection must be in accordance with the table requirements. It is forbidden to mix oils of different grades, and it is allowed to be mixed for the same grade oil but different viscosities.
4. The RV worm gearbox working ambient temperature is -40°C~+40°C. When the ambient temperature is lower than 0°C, the lubrication must be heated to above 0°C before starting running or using the lubricating oil with a low freezing point.
5. Table 1 for RV worm gearbox add oil volume chart, and table 2 is Types of lubricating oil used in gearbox.

Center Distance
25 30 40 50 63 75 90 110 130
Oil Volume
35 50 125 175 500 600 1000 2800 3500

▲ Table 1: RV worm gearbox add oil volume chart 

Worm shaft indexing circle sliding speed ( V )
Worm gear oil grade
 V ≤  2.2 G-N 680 W
  2.5<V< 5.0 G-N 460 W
  5<V< 12 G-N 320 W

▲ Table 2: Types of lubricating oil used in gearbox

Related information about RV worm gearbox

First. Form description
The input form of nmrv worm gearbox is divided into: hole input (IEC flange, Square flange, etc),shaft input (part code is NRV), and extended worm shaft type.
the RV series worm gearbox output form is divided into: hole output, one-way shaft output, two-way shaft output.

Second. Basic performance
1. Recommend input speed of the worm shaft is less than or equal to 1400rpm.
2. There are 10 kinds of center distances: nmrv25, nmrv30, nmrv40, nmrv50, nmrv63, nmrv75, nmrv90, nmrv110, nmrv130, and nmrv 150.
3. There are 11 speed ratios of 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 for a single rv worm gearbox .
4. The reducer can run in forward and reverse directions.

Third. Installation
1. Various installation forms can be adapted according to actual requirements, and all six mounting position can be installed;
2. The installation must be firm and reliable;
3. The working mechanisms of the prime mover and the RV worm gearbox must be carefully aligned, and the error should not be greater than the allowable compensation of the coupling used;
4. After installation, it must be turned by hand and must be flexible and free of jamming.

Fourth, matters needing attention
1. Do not gravitationally hammer the casing of the RV worm gearbox to avoid damage;
2. Check RV worm gearbox lubrication oil or grease regularly, ensure the normal situation for installation foundation, seals, transmission shaft, etc.
3. In normal use of the RV worm gearbox, the high temperature of the lubricating oil should be <85°C. When the oil temperature rises abnormally and abnormal noise occurs, it should be stopped immediately for an inspection. After the fault is eliminated, the main rv worm gearbox can continue to be used;
4. Replacement of new spare parts must be run-in and load test before formal use.