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Catalog Name Size Publish Date    Download link   
Worm gears arrangement series  gear unit and gear motor 
 NMRV series Right angle worm drive gearbox 16.00 MB 2020-12-28   Download 
 UDL Series Planetary Cone & Disk Step-less Speed Variator
21.00 MB 2020-12-28   Download
 SWL Series Worm Screw Jack 6.90 MB 2020-12-28   Download
 SCWU Series Shaft-mounted Arc Cylindrical Worm Gear Gearbox 3.55 MB 2020-12-28   Download
 SCWS Series Shaft-mounted Arc Cylindrical Worm Gear Reducer 3.02 MB 2020-12-28   Download
SCWO Series Shaft-mounted Arc Cylindrical worm drive gearbox 3.63 MB 2020-12-28   Download
Helical gear arrangement gear unit and gear motor
 G series small power AC gear motor  5.6 MB 2020-12-28 Download
 IK…GN series small size AC gear motor  8.6 MB 2020-12-28 Download
 F series parallel shaft helical gearbox 28.00 MB 2020-12-28   Download
 K series Right angle bevel gearbox 31.00 MB 2020-12-28   Download
 S series Right angle helical worm gearbox 18.00 MB 2020-12-28   Download
 R/RF series inline gear reducer 35.00 MB 2020-12-28   Download
RM series Vertical Gear Motor for Agitators and Mixing Plants 0.65 MB 2021-12-28 Download
 RX/RXF series inline helical geared motor 35.00 MB 2020-12-28   Download
Cycloidal gear arrangement series gear unit and gear motor
 XB series Cycloidal gear reducer and gear motor  19.00 MB 2020-12-28   Download
 WB series Micro-cycloidal Pin Wheel Gearmotors and Gearbox 6.85 MB 2020-12-28   Download
Gearbox Accessories
 Y2 series three-phase AC asynchronous motor 3.00 MB 2020-12-28   Download
 YEJ2/YDEJ2 Series Electricmagnetic Brake 3 Phase Motor 2.82 MB 2020-12-28 Download
 YVF2 Series Frequency Variable And Speed Adjustable 3 Phase Motor 2.25 MB 2020-12-28   Download
 YL series two value capacitor single-phase asynchronous motor  1.81 MB 2020-12-28 Download
Other Transmission Parts
 Gearbox Pulley 2.40 MB 2020-12-28   Download
 Gearbox Shaft Coupling 2.00 MB 2020-12-28   Download
 Industrial timing belt 2.20 MB 2020-12-28   Download
 Rubber V Belt 3.01 MB 2020-12-28   Download
 Poly V Belt 1.80 MB 2020-12-28   Download
 Other  1.10 MB 2020-12-28 Download


Useful Information:

 Industrial Gear Motor Select Table  0.07 MB  2021-07-03    Download
 International mains voltages used in industry, business, and domestically  1.50 MB  2021-10-09    Download
 Industrial gearbox output torque calculation formula  0.85 MB  2021-10-09    Download


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