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T series spiral bevel gearbox

T Series Spiral Bevel Gearbox Technical Parameter:

Model(13) :  T2 – T25
Ratio :  1:1- 5:1
Input Power :  0.014-335 kW 
Max. Torque :  11-3677 N. M
Mounting Position :  Foot / Flange  
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Characteristics of right angle spiral bevel gearbox :
T series spiral bevel gearbox with compact configuration, small size, lightweight, it is convenient installation, the flexible operation makes this series gearbox become high torque bevel gearbox. as one of the spiral bevel gearbox manufacturers, we can provide customers high reliability and stability, our gearbox not only with long service life but also with cost-effective spiral bevel gearbox price.
T series spiral bevel gearbox with Self-locking ability, this type right angle spiral bevel gearbox can be driven directly by motor or other power or manual, besides, our spiral bevel gear unit can be customized according to user’s demand.

Technical parameter :

 Models Input Power  Ratio  Max. Torque (N.m)  Weight(kg)  Output Shaft Dia.(k6)
T2 0.014KW~1.79KW 1~2 11 2 φ15
T4 0.026KW~4.94KW 1~2 31 10 φ19
T6 0.037KW~14.9KW 1~3 94 21 φ25
T7 0.042KW~22KW 1~3 139 32 φ32
T8 0.064KW~45.6KW 1~3 199 49 φ40
T10 0.11KW~65.3KW 1~3 288 78 φ45
T12 0.188KW~96KW 1~3 607 124 φ50
T16 0.40KW~163KW 1~3 1073 188 φ60
T20 0.69KW~234KW 1~3 1943 297 φ72
T25 1.4KW~335KW 1~3 3677 488 φ85

Ratio: 1:1, 1.5:1, 2:1, 2.5:1, 3:1

T series spiral bevel gearbox is applied to many industrial areas, such as car parking, lifting transportation, petrochemical construction, textile, environmental, light electric, plastic machine, parking equipment, etc.


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