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SMR series shaft mounted gear reducer

SMR Shaft Mounted Gear Reducer Technical  Parameter:

Rated Power: 0.29kW~134.2kW
Single-stage ratio:  5:1
Double stage ratio: 13:1 or 20:1 
Torque@100r/min: 256N.m ~ 7449 N.m
Gear Arrangement: Helical
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SMR Series Shaft Mounted Gear Reducer Technical Characteristics:

SMR Series shaft mounted gear reducer, also called SMSR shaft mounted speed reducer gearbox. The shaft-mounted gear reducer can be directly fixed on the drive shaft of the equipment, and there is no need to fix the shaft-mounted speed reducer gearbox on or on other foundations. this structure gear reducer also can less use one or two elastic couplings, as well as the internal belt tensioning device, the screw buckle on the torsion arm can easily and quickly adjust the belt tension. the shaft-mounted speed reducer gear can be lubricated with ordinary lubricating oil or equivalent synthetic oil. SDT shaft mounted gear reducer specification as following: 

1. Output hollow shaft The standard shaft mounted gear reducer’s output shaft can be a hollow shaft, and the bore diameter is suitable for ISO standards.
2. High precision gear Design helical gear shafts, high-strength alloy steel materials, carburizing and quenching treatment, gear grinding process (central part gear shaft shaving process), involute tooth profile modification, in line with ISO1328-1997 standards, and the transmission efficiency of each gear Up to 98%, stable transmission, and low noise.
3. High-strength cabinet High-strength cast iron precision casting, excellent shock absorption capacity, precision machining of the bearing aperture, accurate positioning of the positioning pins, to ensure the smooth meshing of the gears.
4. High-strength alloy steel input gear shaft High-strength alloy steel, quenching, and hardening treatment bearing gear, oil seal gear, precision grinding of the input shaft outer circle, can withstand the maximum radial load and torque. The long input keyway design can withstand greater impact and fully conforms to the ISO standard.
5. Additional cabinet support feet (excluding H, J) Support the torsion arm bolts to prevent the box from being damaged by the bolts being too tight. The installation position of the control standard torque arm is within the recommended range.
6. Backstop Optional accessories for use under conditions where the reducer cannot be reversed (only for 13:1 and 20:1 reducers, 5:1 speed ratio reducers are not recommended)
7. Bearings and oil seals All bearings comply with ISO standards, and the oil seals are framed double-lip oil seals.
8. Rubber oil seal cover Use rubber oil seal cover to seal the middle gear shaft hole, ISO standard hole size.
9. Torque arm accessories Use a torsion arm to install and adjust the space position of the reducer and the tightness of the belt.

SMR series shaft mounted gear reducer has eight models: B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, the maximum power can reach 130kW, the nominal speed ratio is 5:1, 13:1, and 20:1, Different input belts can be selected to achieve various output speeds.

SMR shaft mounted gear reducer wide used on the different industry working loading like:

⇓ Uniform working-load ⇓ Medium working-load ⇓ Heavy working-load
  • Blenders and mixers-liquid or semi-liquid
  • Centrifugal blower
  • Bottling machine
  • Digester
  • Detergent (no forward and reverse)
  • Power shaft
  • Clutch pump and wheel pump
  • Drawing Machine. etc
  • Mixers and mixers-uneven density
  • Conveyor
  • Cranes, traveling mechanism, and lifting mechanism
  • Extubation machine
  • Feeder-Arterial Load
  • hoist
  • Cement kiln
  • Drum washing machine
  • Hoist
  • Three-cylinder or multi-cylinder piston pump
  • Pulp machine and paper machine
  • Rubber mixer and grinding machine.etc
  • Brick press
  • Briquetting machine
  • Reciprocating or shaking conveyor
  • Crusher
  • Reciprocating feeder
  • Hammer crusher
  • Single-cylinder or double-cylinder piston pump
  • Rubber cutting machine
  • Vibration machine.etc