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WB Series Micro Cycloidal Gearmotor

WB Series Micro Cycloidal Gearmotor Technical  Parameter:

Rated Power:   40W~2200W
Single-stage ratio:   9 – 43
Double stage ratio:   44 -473
Rated Torque:   2.3N.m ~ 313 N.m
Gear Arrangement:   Cycloidal
Input Speed:   < 1750r/min
Installation Form:   Foot /Flange mounted
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WB Series Micro Cycloidal Gearmotor Technical Characteristics:

WB Series Micro Cycloidal Gearmotor also called cycloidal planetary gear motor, is small size cycloidal gear motor.
It adapts K-H-V less differential gear epicyclic transmission principle and cycloidal pinwheel meshing.
All transmission devices of epicyclic cycloidal pinwheel speed reducer can be divided into three parts: input part, slowing down part, and output part.

In cycloidal gear reducer manufacturers, SDT micro cycloidal speed reducer has the following characteristics:

(1) High reduction ratio, high efficiency. the single-stage reduction ratio is 9~43, the double stage reduction ratio is 44~473, the reduction ratio will be higher if adopting the third stage reduction ratio, and cycloidal gear speed reducer efficiency can be over 90%.
(2) Adopting the compact structure of the micro planetary transmission part. it puts the input and output shafts on the same axis, so the cycloidal gear reducer has a compact structure, midget cubage, and exceeding lightweight.
(3) Adopting scroll contact, high carbon chrome steel Gear,   and quencher treatment for the main parts, the rigidity can be HRC58-65. So it has dependable durability and a long lifespan.
(4) Adopting the grease and not easy to leak oil, this cycloidal gear speed reducer can be installed in any position and angle by the user’s needs.


Double stage cycloidal speed reducer is widely used for driving and slowing down the device in the fields of textile, printing and dyeing, light industry, foodstuff, metallurgy, mines, petroleum, chemical, hoisting, and transport as well
as engineering machinery, etc.

Micro cycloidal gear box application
Micro cycloidal gear motor used on grain mixer  Micro cycloidal Gearmotor used on dosing equipment  Micro cycloidal Gearmotor for moving equipment.