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Mechanical Stepless Variator

Mechanical Stepless Variator Technical Parameter:

Model MB(N)02 MB(N)04 MB(N)07 MB15 MB22 MB40 MB55 MB75
4P Input Power
0.12 0.18 0.25 0.37 0.55 0.75 1.1 1.5 2.2 3 4 5.5 7.5
6P Input power
0.18 0.25 0.37 0.55 0.75 1.1 1.5 2.2 3 4 5.5
Permitted Torque
1-2 1.5-3 2-4 3-6 5-10 6-12 9-18 12-24 18-36 24-48 32-64 45-90 59-118
Output Speed
When the motor speed(4P)= 1400rpm: the output speed =1000-200rpm
When the motor speed(6P)= 960rpm: the output speed = 650-130rpm
Weight(KG) 10 13 17 35 65 110 110

Remark: the weight refers to the variator, not included oil and motor.


Mechanical Stepless Variator Description

The Mechanical Stepless Variator has a standard modular design and special application in the engineering machine etc. the Mechanical Stepless Variator’s cone disc is built in an aluminum die-casted housing respectively for motors of IEC frame size 63, 71, and 80. The cone discs are made in case hardened bearing steel, to increase the durability of each variable speed variator. 

SDT Mechanical Stepless Variator can operate in both directions, input and output shafts rotate in the same direction. 
Handwheel can be fitted to both sides of the control box for convenient installation. mechanical variable speed drive

Mechanical Stepless Variator is supplied with mineral lubricant ISO VG 46, with the quantity of oil for positions B3-B5 mechanical variators

As a consequence of its operating principles, based on the satellite friction, motor variator the appropriate lubrication is essential for the correct duration and efficiency of SDT. mechanical variable speed drives. It is an electronic speed variator strictly recommended, in addition, to avoid mixing two different oil types. speed variators, If you change the type of oil, make first sure you clean the variator with appropriate chemical thinner mechanical gear reducer.
All mechanical speed variator are supplied with filler, level, and breather plugs. Before the start-up speed variator gearbox, you must place the breather plug on the top like in the following pictures variator drive.

Remark: the weight is for the main model, without oil and motor

Variable-speed variator Materials

 Housing: die-cast aluminum alloy (Housing size: 025-090); cast iron (Housing size: 110-150)

Shaft: 20Cr, carbonize and quencher heat treatment make the hardness of gear tooth surface up to 56-62 HRC, retain carburization layer’s  thickness between 0.3-0.5mm after precise grinding
 Worm Wheel: Wearable bronze alloy.

Variator with motor Technical Parameter

Drive AC asynchronous motor :  Power(P1) Motor or Diesel Engine, 0.18Kw~7.5Kw
Voltage (V) 110V~480V. or customized
Phase Three or Single(< 3 Kw) 
Pole 2 or 4 or 6 or 8 or 10
Motor Speed(N1) 450r/min~2800r/min
Frequency 50Hz,60Hz, or 50/60Hz
Insulation Class B or F
IP IP54 or IP55
Duty S1
Cooling Type IC0141(Fan Self-cooling) or Blower
Terminal Box 0° or 90° or 180° or 270°,etc.
Link Wire Y(P1≤3Kw),  Δ(P1>3Kw)
Operation Temperature Normally:-15℃~ 40℃.
Structure :  Planetary Plate (Variable speed gearbox)
Unit Size :  02    04    07    15    22    40    55    75
Connect Method :  IEC flange, Solid input shaft 
Output Shaft :  Solid output shaft with foot or flange
Transmission Ratio(i) :  Stage Transmission Ratio Variable output speed 
0-stage 200~1000RPM
1/2 400~2000RPM
2/3 300~1500RPM
2 100~500RPM
1-stage pinion
2.5 80~400RPM
3.3 60~300RPM
5 40~200RPM
2-stage pinion
8 25~125RPM
11 18~90RPM
13.3 15~75RPM
16.6 12~60RPM
20 10~50RPM
Rated Torque(N.m) :  3N.m~2000N.m
Service Factor(Fs) :  1.5~4.0
Mounting Position :   B3 With foot mounted
 B5 With output flange mounted
 B35 With foot and output flange mounted

































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