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LD(A) Series Crane Gear Drive Gear Unit

LD(A) Series Crane Gear Drive Gear Unit Technical  Parameter:

Model:   LD(A,H)300,400
Speed:   20-45 meters / min
Gear ratio:   15.1~58.96:1 
Output torque:    ~  N.m
Gear Arrangement:   Helical
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Crane LDA drive gear unit Technical Characteristics:

LD(A) Series Crane Gear Drive Gear Unit, is the electric single girder crane accessory.  SDT LDA series gear drive unit is a new type of cart drive device for 1-5 ton electric single-girder cranes. it is an improved version of the LD1 series compatible motors are ZDY1 (D) 21-4-0.8KW, ZDY1 (D) 22-4-1.5KW conical rotor brake motor, or ZDR (D) 100-4-1.5KW tapered winding rotor brake motor, etc.

Model Speed Code
LDA300 20 meters/min 300-20M
LDA300 30 meters /min 300-30M
LDA300 45 meters/min 300-45M
LDH400 20 meters/min 400-20M
LDH400 30 meters /min 400-30M
300 Vertical 20 meters/min 300V-20M
400Vertical 20 meters/min 400V-20M

LDA gear drive unit has the advantages of simple structure, small size, large starting torque, frequent starting, stable running speed, low noise, safe and reliable use, convenient installation and maintenance, and elegant appearance.
Note: For ground operation, use with solid rotor brake (soft start) motor.

LD(A) series crane gear drive gear unit wide used on the different industry working loading like electric single girder crane.


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