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LB Series High Precision Worm Gear Reducer

LB series high precision worm gear reducer Technical Parameter:

Gear unit size :   45,50,55,63,75,90
Input Power:   0.2-6.3 Kw
Output Torque :   44~310 N.m
Input Speed :   900-3000 rpm
Output Speed :   9.0~200 rpm   
Ratio :   15,20,25,30,40,50,60,80,100
Backlash :  P0(Ultra precision)/P1(Precision)
Input Form :  IEC flange/Square flange for servo motor.
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Characteristics of high precision worm gear reducer

High precision worm gear reducer is an ideal substitute for a precision planetary gearbox, the equipment manufacturers can substantially decrease the cost of a precision planetary gearbox.SDT Transmission high precision worm gear reducer’s backlash down to 1 arc minute, its structure features advantages are as follows:

  • Hollow output with shrink disc, high precision, for easy integration.
  • Output bore with keyway, convenient installation, easy to integrate.
  • Solid shaft output (single. double), high stiffness, traditional solution.
  • Gear reducer connects with the servo motor 90-degree installation, saving more space.

More Specification of LB series helical-worm gearbox precision worm gear reducer :

Model:   LB 45,50,55,63,75,90
Ratio: 15,20,25,30,40,50,60,80,100
Color:   Blue, Silver, other.
Output shaft:  C(Hollow shaft for shrink disc)/CR(Hollow shaft with key)/P(Single output shaft)/2P(Dual output shaft)
Backlash:   P0(Ultra-precision)/P1(Precision)
Packing:   Carton and Wooden Case
Certificate:   ISO9001,CE,3C



LB series high precision worm gear reducer wide used on the different industry like food machine, conveyor equipment, industrial machine, foodstuff, Ceramics, chemical, packing, dyeing, woodworking, glass. etc.


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