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Heavy Duty Double Enveloping Worm Gear Reducer

Heavy Duty Double Enveloping Worm Gear Reducer Technical Parameter

Model(8) :  C/CU/CW100-500
Ratio :  3.25–1056.91
Input Power :  0.18-225kw
Output Torque :  150 – 4,00,000N. M
Output Speed :  0.24 -145.6 RPM
Mounting Position :  Foot / Flange Mounting
Motor :  IP55 / IP54
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Characteristics of Heavy Duty Double Enveloping Worm Gear Reducer:

Heavy Duty Double Enveloping Worm Gear Reducer is a new transmission machine designed & manufactured by worm gear and worm shaft transmission principle. it is equal to cone drive worm gearbox, as one of the gear motor manufacturers, SDT Transmission provides for helical right angle worm gear motor with the following advantage:
1, right angle worm gearbox, combined with international technical requirements, has very high technology content;
2, save space, reliable and durable, bear high overload capability, power up to 250 kW;
3, low energy consumption, superior performance, speed reducer efficiency is as high as 95% above;
4, small vibration, low noise, high energy saving;
5, choose high quality forged steel material, semi-steel housing, gear surface after high-frequency heat treatment;

Right-angle worm gearbox link code and form:

Structure Description
C…Y… :  foot mounted right angle worm gearbox with solid shaft
CW…Y… :  short flange mounted right angle gearbox with hollow shaft
CF…Y… :  helical worm gearbox with solid shaft
CU…Y… :  flange mounted right angle gearbox with hollow shaft
CUF…Y… :  Torque arm-mounted helical worm gearbox with hollow shaft

More Specification of right angle worm gearbox :

Housing (case ) :  HT250 (cast iron)
Gear Pair :  20CrMnTi
Finish :  Carburizing & Quenching
Gear Accuracy :  6 to 4 Grade
Gear Pair Surface hardness :  HRC58° – 62°
Efficiency :   >96%
Mounting Position :   Foot / Flange Mounting
Motor :   IP55 / IP54
Design :  Modularly Design
Lubrication :   VG220
Oil Seal Brands :   SKF, NAK, TTO, etc
Certification :   CE, SGS
Management System :   ISO9001: 2008












Heavy Duty Double Enveloping Worm Gear Reducer can modularly compose with other gear reducers, get a large reduction ratio drive and variation, Conveyors, Cranes, and Hoists, Elevators, Escalators, Fans, Gates, Irrigators, Machinery, Mixers, Packaging Equipment, Pools, Specialty Trucks and Vehicles, Wind Turbines, X-Ray Equipment, Airports, Boats, and Yachts, Energy Installations (Deserts, Wind Farms), Foundries, Off-shore Oil Rigs, Mining Sites, Factories, Supermarkets, Refineries, Ports, Railways, Farms.