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SDT Transmission is one of the worm gearbox manufacturers, our core products are worm gearbox and worm gearbox with motor, hot sales small worm gearbox like RY series worm gearbox efficiency about 85% for one stage. worm gearbox parts mainly included worm wheel, worm shaft, housing, oil seal, bearing, etc. worm gearbox application wide use for many industrial applications like a conveyor belt, food process machine, worm drive gearbox can install with a general AC motor (worm gearbox with motor ) or DC motor. please contact us if you need a worm gearbox catalogue. you can find the worm gearbox size chart from the SDT Transmission worm gearbox catalogue, besides, we also can provide worm gearbox 3d model drawing to our customers. right angle worm gearbox also included other types such as heavy-duty worm reduction gearbox, worm helical gearbox, etc.

SDT Transmission Worm Gearbox Ranges as following:


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