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Cycloidal gear reducer also called cycloidal planetary gear speed reducer, Cycloid reducer is a cycloid needle tooth meshing planetary transmission principle drive model. cycloidal gear reducer design with K-H-V fewer teeth engagement and the cycloidal pinwheel clenching mechanism, which are widely used in drive and reduction of textile and dyeing, foodstuff, mining and metallurgy, Oil and chemical Industry, cranes and conveyors and project machinery, etc. various fields.

For cycloidal gearbox assembly, the input shaft has installed a dislocation 180° double eccentric locking collar that is installed two roller bearings.
It forms an H mechanism. The central hole of two cycloidal wheels is just the roller table of tumbler bearing at the eccentric locking collar. Meanwhile, it meshes with one group of pinwheels arranged in a ring shape at the cycloidal wheel and pinwheel in order to consist of less differential gear inner meshing speed-down mechanism (in order to reduce friction, the pin tooth has a sleeve of pin tooth at speed reducer with a small speed ratio).
When the input shaft brings an eccentric locking collar to rotate one cycle, because of the characteristic of the tooth profile curve at the cycloidal wheel as well as it is limited by up pin tooth of the pinwheel, the motion of the cycloidal wheel becomes a plane motion with revolution and rotation. When the input shaft rotates clockwise one cycle, the eccentric locking collar rotates one cycle too. The cycloidal wheel will rotate one differential gear in the opposite direction and the speed-down can be got. By means of the W output mechanism, the low-velocity rotation
the motion of the cycloidal wheel will transmit to the output shaft through the axis pin and lower output velocity can be got.

As one of the cycloidal gearbox manufacturers, SDT Transmission Cycloidal Gear Reducer Products Ranges as below: 


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