Project Description

Roller conveyors lines use hundreds of individual rollers to move goods. high torque small size gear motor generating a lot of output torque. Typically, you will use an inline helical gear motor and parallel shafts gear motor to drive a roller conveyor line system. Roller conveyors line are used to moving large quantities of large loads.

High torque small size helical gear motor wide used on Power roller conveyor line:

The common gear motor size has:

Item# Gear unit Size Ratio Input power
1 GH/GV18,22 3-200 100W
2 GH/GV18,22,28 3-200 200W
3 GH/GV22,28,32 3-200 400W
4 GH/GV28,32,40 3-200 750W
5 GH/GV32,40,50 3-180 1500W
6 GH/GV40,50 3-100 2200W
7 GH/GV40,50 3-60 3700W
8 GH/GV40,50,60 5-100 5500W
9 GH/GV50,60 5-60 7500W