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Introduction of the dosing mixer device

The main structure of the dosing mixer device:

Cycloidal Gearbox for Dosing Mixer Device

Cycloidal Gearbox for Dosing Mixer Device

Dosing Mixer (Gearbox):
mixer (gearbox) Introduction in the dosing box device
The mixer is also called a gearbox. The common gearbox is a cycloidal gearbox. The cycloidal pinwheel gearbox is a novel transmission device that uses the planetary transmission principle of a small tooth difference. The cycloid gearbox is an important transmission component in the dosing mixer device.
Transmission principle of gearbox in the mixer device
The cycloid gearbox is a novel transmission device that adopts the principle of K-H-V planetary transmission with small tooth difference. The difference in the number of teeth between the sun gear (pin gear) Zz and the planet gear (cycloid wheel) ZB is 1, that is Zz-ZB = 1. A double eccentric sleeve with an offset of 180 ° is installed on the input shaft, and two roller bearings called rotor arms are installed on the eccentric sleeve to form an H mechanism. The center holes of the two cycloid wheels are the rotor bearings on the eccentric sleeve. The raceway and the cycloid wheel is meshed with a set of ring-shaped needle teeth on the true gear to form an internal meshing deceleration mechanism with a tooth difference of one tooth (to reduce friction, in a reducer with a small speed ratio, With a pin sleeve on the pin teeth). When the input shaft rotates one circle with eccentricity, because the characteristics of the tooth profile curve on the cycloid wheel are extremely restricted by the pin teeth on the pin gear, the movement of the cycloid wheel becomes a plane motion with both revolution and rotation. When rotating one revolution, the eccentric sleeve is also rotating one revolution, the cycloid wheel rotates through a tooth in the opposite direction to be decelerated, and then uses the W output mechanism to transfer the low-speed rotation motion of the cycloid wheel to the output shaft through the pin shaft. This results in lower output speed.

Cycloidal Gearbox for Dosing Mixer Device

Cycloidal Gearbox for Dosing Mixer Device, click picture find product

Its vertical dosing mixer adopts the principle of cycloid gear and planetary transmission. It is one of the most advanced transmission tools today. It has the characteristics of large button pitch, high transmission efficiency, high power, long life, low price, and never adding oil. It is the best supporting product of the environmental protection dosing device. The preset metering pump and mixer installation positions of the dosing box are not completely applicable to all brands and models of metering pumps and mixers. The specific installation needs to be made by the customer according to the actual situation. Adjust accordingly.

Features of dosing mixer (gear reducer)
Smooth motion and low noise
Gear reducer single-stage transmission Can achieve a transmission ratio of 1:87
The main purpose of the mixer (gear reducer)
Stirring various chemicals in water treatment projects, designed and manufactured to meet the automation requirements of various industries such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, oil refining, natural gas, water supply, thermoelectricity, pharmaceuticals, food, etc. Device. Widely used in industries such as oilfield surface gathering and transportation, dehydration treatment, papermaking, water treatment, electric power, etc., adding acid, alkali, salt, dehydrating agent, bactericide, flocculant, corrosion inhibitor, and other agents.

Reference table for matching selection of mixer and standard dosing barrel:
Model Dosing bucket  impeller, Shaft material  Rotating speed Shaft diameter Shaft length  impeller
BLY09-11-0.37 JYT-100L Stainless steel 304 132rpm Ф18 L=600 3 Blade &Ф200
BLY09-11-0.37 JYT-150L Stainless steel 304 132rpm Ф18 L=600 3 Blade&Ф200
BLY0-11-0.37 JYT-200L Stainless steel 304 132rpm Ф18 L=700 3 Blade&Ф200
BLY0-11-0.37 JYT-300L Stainless steel 304 132rpm Ф18 L=700 3 Blade&Ф200
BLY0-11-0.55 JYT-500L Stainless steel 304 132rpm Ф18 L=800 3 Blade&Ф200
BLY0-11-0.75 JYT-1000L Stainless steel 304 132rpm Ф27×3 L=1100 2 Blade&Ф300
BLY0-11-1.1 JYT-2000L Stainless steel 304 132rpm Ф32×3 L=1200 2 Blade&Ф350
BLY1-17-1.5 JYT-3000L Stainless steel 304 85rpm Ф42×3 L=1300 2 Blade&Ф400
Gearmotor: Carbon steel + rubber, stainless steel 316L