The following listing of common low voltages and frequencies used worldwide is designed to provide the export-orientated machine-building manufacturer with a survey of common voltages
and frequencies. It is intended to encourage manufacturers to inquire about mains conditions and critically check the correctness of any given information.
The listing was made out to the best of our knowledge and with the support of the worldwide SEW organization. Nevertheless, we do not lay
claim to completeness and correctness of all particulars. Please inform us if you have additional information available. We appreciate your assistance.

Explanatory notes on voltages:

single voltages: in the common three-phase three-wire system
two voltage system (factor √3 ):
three-phase four-wire system
two-voltage system (factor √2 ):
the one-phase three-wire system with the neutral conductor
In various countries (e.g. USA) distinctions are made between line (mains) voltage and load voltage.
In these cases, we provide the load voltage. Example: Instead of 480 V line voltage, 460 V load The voltage is listed.