How to calculate industrial gearbox and gear motor output torque? ( gear reducer output torque calculation formula):

How to calculate gearbox output torque ?( gearbox output torque calculation formula)

How to calculate gearbox output torque ?( gearbox output torque calculation formula)

When Customers choose suitable gear reducer models, they always have the following problems: How to calculate industrial gearbox torque, how to matching speed reducer with motor power? especially for worm drive gearbox, and cycloidal gear reducer, Here introduce Gearbox Torque calculation and guidance to Motor power:
Gearbox torque calculation formula:
Ratio = number of revolutions of the motor output speed/gearbox output revolutions (“Ratio” also known as ” transmission ration”)

1. Know motor power, Ratio, And Service factor, get the gearbox torque formula as following :
Reducer Torque=9550×Motor Power(Kw)/Input Speed of rated power’s motor ×Ratio×Service factor

2.Know Torque on gearbox output shaft/bore, the output speed of gearbox and service factor, how to calculate motor power?

Motor Power=Torque /9550×Input Speed of motor Power / Ratio / Service factor
The industrial gearbox is precision machine relatively, it’s purpose is to decrease motor speed, increased output torque.

The following situation is an example of the calculation, Customer can refer to the below information:

0.75Kw speed reducer, ratio 1:30, How to calculate the gear reducer output torque? What are the units?  How heavy goods can be lifted by this gearbox?
0.75Kw( geared motor power) x9550x gearbox transmission efficiency x30 / input speed = output torque.
If the AC induction motor is 4 Pole AC motor: 1380 rev/min. (also short for : r/min; RPM):
0.75x9550x30 / 1380 = 155.7 (N.M)
If you need to know the output torque of the gear reducer, only substitute into the rotation efficiency, parameter values of motor input speed.

The torque unit is N.m (Newton · meters) or kilogram.meters (Kg · m).
Gear Reducer Torque = 9550 * Motor power / Rated Power motor’s input revolution*Ratio* gear reducer efficiency.
The above calculation is the torque equation.
Motor power = torque ÷ 9550 × Rated power‘s motor input speed /Ratio /service factor.

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