Cycloidal Gear Reducer Disassembly Animation


The cycloidal pinwheel gear reducer is a novel transmission machine adopting K-H-V less tooth difference one type transmission principle and cycloidal pin gear meshing. It is widely used in textile printing and dyeing, light industrial food, metallurgical mining, petrochemical, lifting, and transportation. Drive and reduction gears in the field of construction machinery.

Structural principle

All the transmissions of the planet cycloid gear reducer can be divided into three parts: the input part, the deceleration part, and the output part.

Cycloidal Pinwheel Gear Reducer Disassembly Animation

Cycloidal Pinwheel Gear Reducer Disassembly Animation

Cycloidal pinwheel Gear reducer disassembly animation

A double eccentric sleeve with a 180-degree misalignment is mounted on the input shaft, and two roller bearings are mounted on the eccentric sleeve to form an H mechanism. The center hole of the two cycloidal wheels is the raceway of the eccentric sleeved arm bearing, and The cycloidal wheel and the pin gear pin arranged on the pin gear case are engaged to form a small tooth difference internal meshing speed reduction mechanism (in order to reduce friction, in the gear reducer with a small speed ratio, the pin gear pin There are needle sets).

When the input shaft rotates one year with the eccentric sleeve, the movement of the cycloidal wheel becomes a plane motion with revolution and rotation due to the characteristics of the tooth profile curve on the cycloidal wheel and the limitation of the pin gear pin on the pin gear housing. When the input shaft rotates one revolution, the eccentric sleeve also rotates for one week, and the cycloidal wheel rotates through a tooth difference in the opposite direction to obtain a deceleration, and then the W output mechanism is used to transmit the low-speed self-rotation of the cycloidal wheel through the pin shaft to the pin shaft. Output the shaft to achieve a lower output speed.

The cycloidal pinwheel reducer is a new type of transmission machine designed according to GB/T2982-94 adopting cycloidal pin gear meshing and less tooth difference planetary transmission principle. It has been widely applied to petroleum, chemical, construction, metallurgy, Mines, lifting and transportation, textile printing and dyeing, construction machinery, food industry, electronic television, and other fields that are deeply trusted and praised by users. The cycloidal pinwheel reducer has the following characteristics: large reduction ratio, high transmission efficiency, small size, lightweight, less failure, long service life, stable and reliable operation, low noise, convenient assembly and disassembly, easy maintenance, simple structure, and overload capability. The strong, impact-resistant, small moment of inertia, etc.

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