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In the past decades years, SDT Technology accumulates rich experience in various industrial fields, customers can find popular gearbox and gear motor applications like the light industry, food industry, etc. besides, you also can find gear motor guidance service articles, industrial report, etc.

Right Angle Gearbox for Wood Pellet Machine.

right angle bevel gearbox is a good choice for pellet mill machine. because right angle bevel gear motor has high working loading compare with other type gear motors, and [...]


Cycloidal Gear Reducer Refueling and Precautions

First, the fueling cycle The cycloid gear reducer is oil-lubricated and can be lubricated if required. Lubricating oil is recommended to use L-CKC150-320# industrial closed gear oil (GB5903 gear [...]


How to calculate gearbox output torque ?( gearbox output torque calculation formula)

When Customers choose suitable gear reducer models, they always have the following problems: How to calculate industrial gearbox torque? how to matching speed reducer with motor power? especially for worm [...]

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