In the past decades years, SDT Technology accumulates rich experience in various industrial fields, customers can find popular gearbox and gear motor applications like the light industry, food industry, etc. besides, you also can find gear motor guidance service articles, industrial report, etc.

What’s the requirements for industrial gearbox maintenance during the running-in period ?

Lead: Generally, an industrial gearbox requires to change lubrication oil after running about 200 hours during the running-in period (the gearbox lubrication oil must be changed after 200 hours running-in [...]


What is the function and performance of different shaft coupling? choose precision or inclusiveness?

The function of the shaft coupling is to firmly connect the driving shaft and the driven shaft in different mechanisms for synchronous rotation, and transmit the torque directly to the [...]


International mains voltages used in industry, business and domestically

The following listing of common low voltages and frequencies used worldwide is designed to provide the export-orientated machine-building manufacturer with a survey of common voltages and frequencies. It is intended [...]


Variable speed worm gear reducer for grain lifting machine, feeder,small household gearbox with reel

Gear reducer for grain lifting machine, feeder, variable speed worm gear reducer, vertical gearbox, small household gearbox with reel, it widely used on small volume grain lifting machines, etc. gearbox [...]


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