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SDT Transmission™, as one of the featured technology-driven mechanical transmission manufacturers and suppliers in China, we have carved a niche in the mechanical transmission system across various industries applications of domestic and world market. we have ourselves SDT Transmission™ products ranges, quality of products and service is the topmost priority for us while also providing customization of work based on every customer’s demand…[ Read More  ]


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RV Worm Gearbox Add Oil Volume Chart2022-08-09T16:30:31+08:00

The RV worm gearbox use and replacement of lubricating oil
1. When using or replacing the RV worm gearbox for the first time, replace the lubricating oil after running for 150-400 hours, and the subsequent oil change period ≤ 4000 hours;
2. Check the quantity and quality of the oil regularly, keep enough lubricating oil, and replace the oil mixed with impurities or deteriorated in time;
3. The amount of oil injection must be in accordance with the table requirements. It is forbidden to mix oils of different grades, and it is allowed to be mixed for the same grade oil but different viscosities.
4. The RV worm gearbox working ambient temperature is -40°C~+40°C. When the ambient temperature is lower than 0°C, the lubrication must be heated to above 0°C before starting running or using the lubricating oil with a low freezing point.
5. Table 1 for RV worm gearbox add oil volume chart, and table 2 is Types of lubricating oil used in gearbox.

Center Distance
25 30 40 50 63 75 90 110 130
Oil Volume
35 50 125 175 500 600 1000 2800 3500

▲ Table 1: RV worm gearbox add oil volume chart 

Worm shaft indexing circle sliding speed ( V )
Worm gear oil grade
 V ≤  2.2 G-N 680 W
  2.5 G-N 460 W
  5 G-N 320 W

▲ Table 2: Types of lubricating oil used in gearbox

The reason for the industrial geabrox oil temperature rise2022-08-09T16:32:46+08:00

Please briefly analyze the reason for the industrial geabrox oil temperature rise

a. The gearbox’s lubricating oil is unqualified or the gearbox has been used for too long.
b. Too much lubricating oil is not conducive to the heat dissipation of the mechanism in the gearbox.
c. The machine is damaged. Mechanical damage includes severe pitting of gears, broken teeth, bearing cages, inner and outer rings, ball damage, and bearing embedment. dead or severe shaft deformation;
d. The outside of the gearbox is covered by debris or dust. When things are piled around the gear reducer or the surface of the gearbox’s body has not been cleaned for a long time, it may be due to the coverage of sundries or dust causes incomplete heat dissipation of the gear reducer, which causes the oil temperature to rise;
e. The cooling device is blocked or fails. The cooling device is placed in a dusty workshop like the gear reducer. when the internal pipeline causes the cooling device to be blocked or the cooling device is broken, it will cause the industrial gearbox oil temperature to rise. 

How to eliminate the backlash when the worm gearbox is in forward and reverse rotation2021-08-03T21:38:12+08:00

How to eliminate the backlash when the worm gearbox is in forward and reverse rotation

To ensure worm gearbox running accuracy, Spring can bed added to the worm to eliminate backlash.

How to select a suit gear unit and gear motor2021-08-03T21:27:00+08:00


  • General requirements:
    1, Industrial gearbox installation type,
    2, Gearbox size,
    3, Cantilever and sideload,
    4, Lubrication oil type.
    5,Input power(HP or kW),
    7, Frequency (Hz),
    8, Maximum current (ampere)
    9, Control type.
  • Geared motor specifications:
    <1>,Gearmotor Size,
    <2>,Required gearmotor Weight,
    <3>,Required noise level,
    <4>,life expectancy
    <5>,Maintenance level.
  • Geared motor performance:
    <1>,Output speed.(r/min,RPM)
    <2>,Output torque. (N.m)
    <3>,Duty cycle. (Hours/day)
    <4>,Horsepower. (HP, or Kw)
    <5>,Starting and running torque (full load).
  • Operating environment:
    <2>,Ambient temperature,
    <3>,Ingress protection (IP) rating.





































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